.Digital.Disclosure. has some of the most experienced journalists in The Bahamas behind it and we’ll be bringing you quality news and insights of our own.

But we also want to hear from you!

Are you a budding digital journalism wizard in The Bahamas, who has a serious or entertaining story you want to share with the public by means of print, audio or visual storytelling techniques?

Are you an established business person who wishes to write an opinion piece on an issue you think is important to the Bahamian business community? Or better yet, record a live Q. and A. with us about it which we will post online?

Are you a would-be photo journalist who enjoys taking images of happenings in your community? Or do you just have a photo of something unbelievable you saw on Shirley Street that you want to share with the world?

Are you fed up with life and want to write a “Top Ten Reasons Why It Is Not Better In The Bahamas” list? Alternatively, do you think we need to be reminded of “The Top Ten Reasons Why Bahamian Politics Reminds Me Of Downton Abbey”?

If so, .Digital.Discourse. would like you to get in touch.

Email with ideas for contributions and we may feature your work on the website.


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