.Digital.Disclosure. aims to fill a niche in the Bahamian media space.

As an all-online news resource established by experienced Bahamian journalists, .Digital.Disclosure. aspires to take digital media in The Bahamas to a new level.

Breaking news will not be our stock in trade. This may not be the site where you find out first about a murder in your neighbourhood, or who got charged in court that day. Instead, it’s the place where you will see a story approached from an angle that you’ve never seen before.

More than anything else, we aim to engage the Bahamian media consumer in a way that hasn’t been done to date…

  • Using digital media tools to allow Bahamians and others interested in our news to engage with the issues we see around us every day in a fresh way; to inspire and provoke thought with commentary and analysis that draws on contextualised understanding and new voices
  • Encouraging greater interactivity and feedback with readers online
  • Bringing the sort of online audio and visual story-telling techniques that are popular and ground breaking on news sites internationally to Bahamian audiences
  • Cut through the quotes to explain complex issues in easy to understand formats.

And yes, there will be investigative journalism – real and verified news you will see here first; pieces that build on networks of contacts developed through years in the media.

In doing all of this, we hope to push existing media houses to up their game in the online space, for the benefit of us all. We hope you will be entertained, stimulated, provoked, inspired and engaged.

If you wish to get in touch with feedback or submissions, please email us at digitaldisclosurebahamas@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading.

N.B. As we work to develop the site on the basis of voluntary, un-paid contributions by those who are involved simply because they believe in the importance of this project, the posting of new content may be sporadic. Please bear with us as .Digital.Disclosure. begins this journey as the place for digital media excellence in The Bahamas.


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