Cayman should ‘learn from Bahamas immigration bungle’

Cayman newspaper says Bahamas has created “an international public relations problem” for itself

The editorial board of the Cayman Compass, a leading Cayman Islands news source, has argued that the handling of the enforcement of The Bahamas’ new immigration initiative leaves much to be desired and presents a lesson to those islands.

The editorial reads: “We turn our attention to the Bahamas – who, as some may recall, essentially bequeathed its North America banking industry to Cayman beginning in the late 1960s because of politically induced turmoil, increasing racial tensions and (as it proved, economically suicidal) protectionist policies. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, the Bahamas’ loss proved to be Cayman’s gain.

Recently, the Bahamas’ actions in the area of immigration have grabbed international headlines, which we hope local officials have read in earnest, for our neighbor is again providing us with an example of what not to do.”


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